Guitar: TE-2
Upgrade: Tremolo added
Hours: 2.5 hrs
Guitar: SG 500
Upgrade: Tremolo, knobs
Hours: 2.5 hrs
Guitar: TE-1
Upgrade: Hardware, pickups
and pickguard
Hours: 2.5 hrs
Guitar: WGR Hybrid
Upgrade: Pickups and pickguard.
Hours: 4 hrs
Guitar: TE-1
Upgrade: Trem, pickups, hardware
and personalise headstock logo.
Hours: 5.5 hrs
Guitar: TE-1
Upgrade: Hardware, pickups
and vintage body finish.
Hours: 4.5 hrs
Guitar: EX200
Upgrade: Pickups and hardware
Hours: 3.5 hrs
Guitar: TE2
Upgrade: Pickups neck and
Hours: 8 hrs
Why be ordinary when you can customise your own guitar. Customise your own guitar can be very
costly, but at Custom Guitar Workshop we are making that dream possible at a fraction of the cost.
Simply select from our standard range of guitars and basses and tell us what you want on it.
Depending on the amount of modification needed from the standard range, the total cost for a custom
guitar will be calculated by cost of standard guitar plus any cost for additional/ upgrade of parts plus
hourly rates ($35/hr)